Sarah's Faves: Nine M/M Romance Series With the Same Couple Throughout

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This is the first in a series of LGBTQ+ romance lists Sarah has written just for you! Sarah runs a couple of queer book clubs, including Rainbow Readers of Massachusetts, which you can find on Facebook. Find her on Twitter @queer_reader.


For those who enjoy following one couple for multiple books, seeing how they grow, evolve and take down the bad guys together, here are 9 of my favorite gay/bi romance series featuring the same couple.

51JSBtHGQgLDiversion, by Eden Winters

Lucky, a cantankerous ex-drug trafficker who keeps people at arm's length and Bo, a by-the-book green-tea-drinking rookie team up as agents for the South Eastern narcotics bureau to take down drug traffickers. Kinky sex, a cat also named Lucky, heavy angst and past trauma, evil drug lords, therapy, learning how to communicate, and a puppy named Moose.

Ebook and audio, on-going series.



widdershinsWhyborne & Griffin, by Jordan L Hawk

A linguist who just wants to be left alone, a Pinkerton agent and Lovecraftian-style horrors and monsters in 1890s Massachusetts. Join Griffin and Whyborne as they try to stop aliens, ancient Egyptian demons, and cults with a heaping dose of found families and a kick ass lady archeologist.

This series is now complete.



hunter-of-demons-spectrSpectr, by Jordan L Hawk

Federal agent and exorcist John Starkweather must stop demons and paranormal entities in modern day Charleston with the help of telekinetic Caleb who has been possessed by a 5,000 year old vampire named Grey. Polyam menage paranormal romance novellas. Warning, cliffhangers ahead!

These release in seasons/series, so there are two complete series out as of this post.



once-upon-a-haunted-moorThe Tyack & Frayne Mysteries, by Harper Fox

Gideon Frayne just wants to be a quiet village policeman but nothing is ever quiet once Lee Tyack, a psychic, enters his life during a missing child case. Cornish pagan magic, family drama and mysteries of the moor and ghosts of the past. Lee and Gideon fall for one another and help each other navigate cases.

Audio recommended, on-going series.



dirty-kissCole McGinnis Mysteries, by Rhys Ford

Former cop and private investigator Cole McGinnis falls for Jae-Min Kim on a new case and must navigate Korean culture and his own family, and keep those he loves from being killed in the crossfire when things get heated. In the backdrop of contemporary LA with enough descriptions of Korean food to make your mouth water.

Audio and ebook, complete series.



the-wolf-at-the-doorBig Bad Wolf, by Charlie Adhara

A former FBI agent is paired with a werewolf to figure out a missing persons case that isn't quite what it seems. Twists and turns with a heaping dose of found family and werewolf politics.

Audio recommended, on-going series.

[Ana wrote about the series here.]



among-the-livingPsyCop, by Jordan Castillo Price

Cantankerous, jaded cop and medium Vic can see ghosts and speak with them, but is more concerned with not being noticed and just getting through his job. Jacob, the stiff non-psychic half of a psycop team and a by the book sex crimes detective, finds a way under Vic's prickly barrier and sparks fly as they navigate a relationship and Vic's own past as well as his addiction to a med that keeps the ghosts quiet.

Audio recommended, on-going series.



the-magpie-lordCharm of Magpies, by KJ Charles

This series is set in alt-Victorian England with magic. Crane and Stephen must navigate a relationship while magical and conventional forces are set on trying to kill them.

Audio recommended, complete series. (Several of these are in Audible's Escape package right now.)



claimingsClaimings, by Lyn Gala

Linguist Liam is on the planet Rownt learning about its people while working as market trader and escaping his past. Ondry may not understand human culture, but he recognizes a kindred spirit in Liam. Navigation of culture, space, kink, and slightly incompatible genitalia.

Complete series.


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