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The Orc from the Office Cover
Title: The Orc from the Office
Author(s): Heat: Re
Genre(s): Romance Paranormal
Tropes: Office Romance Fated Mates
Tags: f-m monster orc straight office mate bond
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Synopsis from the Creator: Mate-bonding with a co-worker is against company policy... accidentally or not.
Janice knows better than anyone that entanglements with co-workers are risky business.
But when Janice accidentally breaks a co-workers nose, she finds herself unexpectedly mated to an orc, and under Monster Resources’ scrutiny.
Khent from the IT Department is quiet and nerdy, despite the tusks. His emails are overly wordy. He won’t stop apologizing even though she’s the one who broke his glasses.
Clearly, fate got this one wrong.
All Janice has to do is stay away from Khent until the bond dissipates. Easy enough, right? Except…
…Her company laptop chooses this week to need the orc from the IT Department, repeatedly.
…She accidentally clicks on orc porn at work and has to take remedial phishing training with Khent.
…Their bond will keep pulling them back together until it is completed.
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