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Founder, Webmistress, Reviewer

When not running this site, I read All the Books, raise two kids, and pay some bills with freelance marketing and editorial work. I met my husband playing World of Warcraft a million years ago, in the geekiest love story ever. (I was expecting to meet a Lady Archaeologist and, instead, found a husband.) Follow me @cerestheories if you need more romance and comic nerdery.



I’m a bibliophile and pop culture geek with Southern roots and West Coast sensibilities. When not working on my dream of publishing my first LGBTQ romance novel, I’m a work-from-home mom to my two daughters. I’m also an avid gamer, makeup addict, fandom fangirl, romance reader, and eternally devoted Beyonce stan. Follow me on Twitter for romance related bookgasms served with a side of social justice and shenanigans or Instagram for writing related inspirational quotes, semi-regular selfies, and the occasional food pic.



I’m a Midwestern lady who devours books. Back in my “music days,” I wrote about the local music scene for many outlets in Chicago as well as ran my own website. I did a career switch-a-roo back in 2016 and magically transformed into a librarian. When I’m not at work or snuggled up with a romance book, I enjoy reading comic books, trying new beers, working on cosplay, and binge playing video games. Follow me on Twitter @roboticdinos for romance, nerdery, and (hopefully) witty library insights.



Andrea's first friends, role-models, vices and safe places were the fictional characters that filled her world as she was growing up. Her life is a study in devouring stories, and unraveling the tapestry of possibility meeting reality. All grown up now, Andrea spends her time consuming as many expressions of media as possible, and writes to discuss their role in our (sexual, financial, fandom, political, sartorial!) liberation. Being a South African woman plays a large role in Andrea's passion for diversity. She's online everywhere as @stargirlriots


Reviewer, Instagram Extraordinaire

Margrethe reviews queer romance for Love in Panels, with a focus on f/f and historical titles.



 A lifelong genre reader, Ana grew up reading fantasy, sci-fi & mystery novels in Puerto Rico. Ana discovered comics in college before finally wandering into the Romance section of the library after bawling through one too many YA dystopian novels.
A recovering English and History double major, Ana is now a school librarian. Ana lives with her husband & two geeky teenage kids near Western, NY. When she is not reading romance or writing reviews, she is knitting or planning her next trip. She writes about books at her blog: Immersed in Books, . You will find her most often on twitter as @anacoqui.