Reality TV Inspired Romances

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You know how sometimes you read a romance plot and you think, "hmm, this sounds familiar" only to realize it's a story that could be on Bravo or HGTV? Yeah, me too. And I fall for it every time.

Reality TV, whether it's a new person/couple each episode or an entire season with the same people, plays off of dramatic scenarios, big personalities, and high stakes - perfect for a romance novel. Below are a few that I've read. Please tell me your faves in the comments so I can stock up!

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Exclusive Reveal: Bawdy Bookworm's Summer Book!

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We are big fans of Bawdy Bookworms, a site and subscription box service that matches romance novels with sexual pleasure products. So when Thien-Kim Lam asked if we'd like to announce their summer romance novel pick, we jumped at the chance! Scroll down a bit for ordering info.

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Book Pairings: Geeky Clothing Edition

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Who needs wine pairings when you can have book pairings?!

Geeky people have a lot of clothing options these days, but most of them are online, and it can be hard to judge quality and comfort through a computer screen. Fear not, fellow geeky romance reader - we have the site for you.

Since we like kissing books, we're also pairing a book with each item!

If you haven't yet heard of Svaha, here are a few of the reasons we love them:

  • One of their mottos is “everyone deserves pockets.” YES.
  • The company was founded (and is currently run) by two women, and they make clothes that are “aimed at shattering gender stereotypes!”
  • The clothes are made of 100% organic cotton so they’re soft and comfy as well as fun and functional.
  • Svaha’s dresses come in sizes 0 to 5x and lots of them have mini versions for any kiddos in your life who might need to match their mom/auntie/librarian.
  • Lots of the reviews have customer-submitted photos, so you can see what the clothes look like on a variety of bodies!

 In case you need further endorsement, this post was inspired by Margrethe's wardrobe at RWA earlier this month, which included more than one of Svaha's wonderful dresses.

Disclosure: If you buy anything through these links, LiP will receive a small affiliate commission.


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