Submission Policy


Will we review your book or comic?  Fill out the form below for consideration - but please consult our guidelines first!

  • We try to respond to all submissions, even if only to say that we won't be able to review the work.
  • We accept print and digital copies for review. We also review audiobooks!
  • Works may be given a short review in our mini-review columns, or a full stand-alone review. This is at the discretion of the reviewer and has nothing to do with the quality of the work.
  • We review backlist titles and new releases. Many of the comics we review are older or ongoing webcomics, for example.
  • We do not review most "dark" work. For comics, this means graphic violence, particularly if it's targeted at LGBTQ+ characters. For comics and romance, this means incest, dubcon, and other taboo or "dark" themes.
  • We do not open unsolicited book attachments. Send the request and we'll let you know if we want the book.


  • We will consider any contemporary, historical, sci-fi/fantasy, young adult and paranormal romance title you wish to provide for review.
  • Suzanne occasionally reviews erotic romance/erotica, but we are not accepting review submissions for that category at this time.
  • We're particularly interested in work from Authors of Color and  queer romance. You got a romance with two brujas in love? SEND IT.
  • If you'd like your work reviewed by a specific reviewer, please note that in your request. We won't be able to accommodate all requests, but we will always be transparent with you.
  • We do not review serial romance until the book is finished, but we will accept novellas.


  • Comics we review must contain queer or romantic elements and can range from coming-of-age stories to explicit erotic comics. Most fall in that in-between place, with a central love story that drives the plot.
  • We will review comics in most formats, but if your work only exists on Tumblr or DeviantArt, we are much less likely to review it. (Anything we have to click through and wait for each page to load takes about 3x as long to read.)
  • Ongoing works must have at least 3 issues or 30 webcomic pages/episodes before we will consider them for review.

For more information (such as our mailing address),  please email


Content Submissions

Love in Panels is happy to work with you on the following:

  • Exclusive Cover Reveals
  • Guest Posts
  • Interviews
  • Excerpts
  • Giveaways

We very rarely participate in blog tours. If you would like to promote your books on our site, please see the Advertising section below.

To discuss any of these options, please email Suzanne directly at We cannot accept all submissions and will prioritize content that will best appeal to our audience.

Advertising & Partnerships

As of 10/26/2019, Love in Panels currently averages about 10,000 sessions per month.

We are active primarily on Twitter but are growing our Instagram platform. Facebook is not presently a priority for us.

We also reach another 350+ individuals by email subscription, many of whom are librarians seeking to diversify their romance and comics collections.


We love pretty books, candles and other bookish things and are happy to take photos of them with our pets (real and stuffed).

If you are interested in partnering for digital content, merchandising, or anything else, please reach out directly by email.