Love in Panels started out by covering the intersection of romance and comics. With a searchable database and ongoing blog, it's the place to go for modern romance comics.

As with any media, comics span a range from "just a dash of romance" to "romance, straight-up." We aim to match readers with the comics they want, based on the romanceiness, explicitness, and format they seek. We'll post updates when new Kickstarters launch, when webcomics pop up, or when creators announce a new graphic novel. By covering all publishers and formats, we hope to help you find the content you crave.

More about our Comics Ratings and Philosophy over here.


This is where we talk about all of the other fabulous places romance appears, like romance novels, games, television, and movies. Expect a variety of content, including:

  • Reviews and recommendations
  • Guest posts and interviews
  • Occasional excerpts and giveaways
  • Monthly  "Top Off Your TBR" posts
  • A database for all the books we review, searchable by trope, genre, etc!

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Review Copies

Any books that we review prior to release or in the few days following have been provided by the publisher or author for review. We will do our best to note the source of the book, whether it's been purchased, borrowed from a library, or otherwise.