An Auction and Fundraiser to Support RAICES Texas and The Young Center

We speak endlessly about how the romance community believes in a Happily Ever After for everyone, and the generosity of the donors and bidders in this auction is one way for us to walk that walk. While the United States commits what can legally and ethically be called crimes against humanity, this fundraiser is for all of us sitting in despair wondering what we can do other than calling our elected representatives over and over.

The two organizations we are choosing to raise funds for are RAICES and The Young Center, both of which work to guide individuals and families through the immigration and asylum systems in The US. Both systems are complicated and expensive and these organizations have skilled people on the ground doing the work to help. If you're unfamiliar, The Young Center focuses on advocating for children and considers RAICES a sister organization. (Romance author Amy Jo Cousins works for them.)

If you're on this page, it's likely because you already know what these groups do and want to support them, but we invite you to read more at their websites, linked to the right on desktop browsers or below if you're on mobile.

Items donated to the auction include signed books and collectible items, experiences, and numerous services for authors, including beta reads, critiques, and more. We'll be highlighting individual donations on social media with the hashtag #RomanceforRAICES and encourage you to do the same.


How the Auction Works

A list of over 160 donors have donated nearly 200 items and services for a silent auction that runs from September 8 through September 21.

For the full list and to access the auction, click here.

Bidders must be 18 years of age or above. For physical items, in most cases, you must have a US mailing address.

Winning bidders will donate to either RAICES or The Young Center (see right) in the amount of their final bid and provide confirmation to Love in Panels. (Email to


How Do I Get My Stuff?

Love in Panels will not be collecting any funds or distributing any winnings. We will verify donations and connect the winning bidder with the person/persons who donated the items/services. That person is responsible for closing the loop. Love in Panels is not responsibly financially or otherwise for failure to provide goods/services on the part of the donating party.

Unless otherwise noted, all items ship within the US only. This includes digital books, since those are often geo-restricted by publishers/vendors. Physical items should be mailed out (books, physical artwork, etc.) and/or services fulfilled (critiques, digital artwork, etc.) within 90 days of the donor receiving a mailing address/email address. If you're a winning bidder, please follow these steps to claim your prize:
1. Forward your donation confirmation email (for RAICES or The Young Center) to auction admin Suzanne Krohn within 72 hours of the end of the auction.
2. Suzanne will forward your confirmation email & email address to donor.
3. Donor will reach out to you directly requesting contact info/mailing address/work to be critiqued if applicable.
4. Donor will fulfill order within 90 days of acknowledging receipt of your contact info.
If you have any order fulfillment issues, please email Again, we can't promise anything, but we'll do our best!


Head over to the auction site!


Thank you for supporting the work that RAICES and The Young Center do on behalf of immigrants and refugees.