Everybody Else is Doing it... My 2017 Top 5 (Comics Edition)

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 16, 2017 9:53:05 AM / by Suzanne

It's apparently that time, the end of the arbitrary calendar year, a time when we dig through our last year of reading and try to pick our favorites. Since this blog started in late spring, I've reviewed a bunch of queer/romance comics. Here are my Top 5, in no particular order. If you don't agree with me, please feel free to fight it out in the comments!

powerandmagic.pngPower & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology - A black and white anthology full of queer witches. Unlike most anthologies, I loved every story in this one. All hits, no misses.



Verona - A modern retelling of Romeo & Juliet with cinematic flair and a happy ending! This comic showcases a diverse cast, great action shots, and beautiful illustrations. As one might expect, most of the characters are morally ambiguous, with drug abuse and family loyalty storylines that don't allow the characters any easy choices.


LoveNotFound.jpegLove Not Found - LNF tackled some big issues this year, with a couple heavy subplots that grounded the series in a way I wasn't expecting. The art is still happy and full of Gina Bigg's signature touches, but this year had a depth that, when combined with the effervescent joy we've come to expect, made me think. What role does physical affection have in personal relationships? What parts of ourselves can we hide when we start over in a new place? What happens to the friendships we allow ourselves to forget about?



Destiny, NY - You probably just read my OMG review of this book, but in case you didn't... This book was so much fun! An interesting magical premise that I hadn't read before, with a mystery throughout and a fabulous cast. The art ain't bad either. I'm so amped for Volume 2, y'all. Gimme more of the aloof queer lady with hidden feelings and the adorkable pixie without a destiny.


sunstone.jpegSunstone - I'm going to cheat a little with this last one, since it didn't exactly come out in 2017. I read all 5 volumes this year and I've been trying to get it into the hands of every (18+) person I know. It's about two women engaging in a BDSM sexual relationship while trying to navigate a friendship that neither of them will admit is actually more. It's surprisingly funny, with a cast of secondary characters who don't hesitate to call the main characters on their sh*t. It's super sexy and emotional and if you haven't read it yet, you should.


Did you read an amazing romance comic this year? Tell us about it!