Giveaways and an Oops

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 1, 2017 2:59:07 PM / by Suzanne

Dear comics subscribers,

We're making an attempt to create two blogs and keep everything neat and separate, but we've come upon two not awesome consequences. 

First, if you signed up for the email list and want the romance (novels) blog, you're on the comics list and we'll have to manually move you over. (New subscribers shouldn't have that problem, as you can now sign up for the romance emails on the romance blog and the comics emails on the comics blog.) Let one of us know if you aren't getting the romance novel updates and you want them. Sorry for the error.

Second, unless it's a comics giveaway, all of our giveaways will be posted over on the romance blog, which means you won't get an email about them unless you've signed up for both. This is probably okay with those of you who are here for the comics and not the novels, but we just wanted to be clear about the setup. The first novel giveaway just went up on the other blog if you want to check it out.

Hopefully, we won't be writing another of these "oh no we broke things" posts any time soon, but thanks for your patience as we grow the site and inevitably act human about the whole thing.

Happy reading - Suzanne