Link Soup!

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 13, 2017 10:01:00 AM / by Suzanne

Today, in select news from around the world of romance and/or queer comics...

A bunch of our favorites made it onto NPR's 100 Favorite Comics list! Congrats to Sex Criminals, Oh Joy Sex Toy, Check Please!, The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal, and a whole bunch of others than aren't romance-y.

Speaking of Check Please!... they're getting the "real" publishing treatment from First Second Books. The first in a two-volume deal will drop sometime in Fall 2018. If you can't wait a year, check out Dani's short review and take a look at the webcomic. It may just be the dose of happy, cute comics you need for the weekend.

More Kickstarters for you to back! (Or share, because not everyone has the cash but most people do have social media.)

  1. The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors, a series of comedic comic strips dealing with... bisexual trials and errors. Northwest Press is re-releasing Anything That Loves with this, so it's an opportunity to double your comics goodness.
  2. Power & Magic Press just won a Prism award (woooo!) for their first anthology of Queer Witches... and now they're funding a second volume starring queer witches of color. At $15 for a softcover/PDF pack, this is a super affordable KS to get 110 pages (10 stories) of witchy comics. One of the options also bundles volume 1, which I promise to review soon so you can make an informed decision.
  3. Gothic Tales of Haunted Love will launch on Saturday (7/15/17) and we have lots of info, including some sample art that we'll share in a separate post. It's going to be so pretty and creepy.

If you have an upcoming project, a new (or not) webcomic, a call for submissions, etc., let us know! You can email me anytime at and we'll try to get the word out.

Happy reading and creating!