Power & Magic - The Queer Witch Comics Anthology Cover
Title: Power & Magic - The Queer Witch Comics Anthology
Creators: Format: EBook Print
Color: Black and White
Romanceiness: Romantic Elements
Heat: PG13
Tags: character of color queer lesbian nonbinary character creator of color anthology trans character
Synopsis from the Creator:

POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology collects fifteen original comics about queer witches of color as they master their abilities, discover their traditions, and navigate love as beings with incredible power. This edition of POWER & MAGIC is 178 pages, black and white, and features the work of 17 women, demigirls, and bigender creators of color. From the euphoria of holding the stars in your grasp, to the sacrifices we make to reach them, POWER & MAGIC explores what it means to be a person of power in all its complexity.

Love In Panels' Review:

The second volume of Power & Magic is funding on Kickstarter right now (7/14/17) and the first volume just won a PRISM Award. Since I've had the PDF on my iPad for a few weeks, I figured it was time to give it a read. It's... wow.

What you get for your $10 (digital) is 15 stories about queer witches of color, some more magical than others, all of them accessible and engaging and evocative. I don't know if I've ever truly liked every story in an anthology before this one, and that alone makes this volume a stand-out. Lest this turn into an incoherent episode of fan-girling, I'm going to bullet this out:

  • The stories are all at least 10 pages, which means you get a real sense of place and character, as well as a quick plot.
  • Two of the stories made me tear up, which isn't something comics usually achieve.
  • Cute witches. Creepy witches. Awkward witches trying to flirt. A weird magical bus. A magic shop that isn't there, but also is? Witches in love. A little witch who discovers he can be both a witch and his true male self. (That one hit me in the feels.)
  • A list of creators at the back, which enables readers to go forth and read the rest of the work by these amazing women. (Bye-bye to your free time, I'm serious.)

In short, it's obvious why this beautiful, inspiring, comforting, heart-achingly real yet magical anthology won an award. I can't wait to read the second.

Power & Magic - The Queer Witch Comics Anthology

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 14, 2017 11:04:41 AM / by Suzanne

A belated review of a gorgeous, award-winning anthology of comics about queer witches of color. I think everyone who likes magic or comics or people should read it. Because we can't stick this image in the actual review, check out a sample page here: 

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