[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 16, 2018 1:45:35 PM / by Suzanne

If you don't already know who Taneka Stotts is, your day is about to get better. She's a passionate creator of and advocate for inclusive comics, with several powerful, high-quality projects under her metaphorical belt. What's more, she continually works to bring other creators into the comics business, helping to smooth their way a little bit. On Valentine's Day, she tweeted this: 

And then the fun began. You can scroll through the hashtag and find many many queer romance comics, just in time for the weekend. I was going to put them all into a post here, but there are so many that we kinda can't. Instead, I made a Twitter Moment, which you can look through here. (You don't need to have a Twitter account.)


We're going to keep adding them to the comics database and let you peruse at your convenience. As usual, I'll put up a post with links to each individual comic once I add them.

Happy reading!