Read Your Comics Digitally? Lots of Year-End Sales

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 22, 2017 8:56:21 AM / by Suzanne

Matt was scrolling through ComiXology and thought y'all might be interested in some big sales happening now (and pretty much through the end of 2017). 

Before we get into the sales, a word from our sponsors:

Right, we don't have any sponsors. We also don't receive any commission from ComiXology, so this is a list compiled out of the comic-loving goodness of our hearts. I'm giving you links to the Amazon products,  which will usually give you the option to buy for your Kindle/ComiXology (and give us a commission). If you prefer, head on over to ComiXology directly, where there are so so so many more sales to be found.

Now, let's get to it. Romance comics on sale!


Oni Press, with discounts ranging from 0-50%:

Ares & Aphrodite - A contemporary enemies-to-lovers with a wedding planner and a lawyer and a bit of a mystery. Amazon/ComiXology

12 Reasons Why I Love Her - Vignettes that are beautiful and romantic but don't quite have an HEA. Amazon/ComiXology

A Boy & A Girl - Set in a sci-fi future with androids. Amazon/ComiXology

Glitter Kiss - A teen finds a magic lip gloss and gets (non-violent) revenge on the boys who've mistreated her. (I found the cover off-putting, but I liked this far more than I had expected to.) Amazon/ComiXology

Part Time Princesses - Not a romance, but it's by Monica Gallagher and features a bunch of girls acting as princesses at an amusement park. Hijinks ensue.

Princess Princess Ever After - An all ages adventure in which two princesses fall in love. I don't know why you haven't read this yet. Amazon/ComiXology

Small Favors - This is erotica, but it's filthy and adorable at the same time. Amazon/ComiXology


IDW - Use code IDW at ComiXology checkout for 55% off

The Infinite Loop - Highly recommended sci-fi lesbian romance. I gave two copies of this for gifts last year. Amazon/ComiXology

Long Distance - Contemporary relationship with... long distance... issues. Amazon/ComiXology

Love and Capes - Superheroes in love. This is what some have told me was their "gateway" romance comic. Amazon/ComiXology


Boom! - Use code BOOM50 at Comixology checkout for 50% off

Clueless: Senior Year - It's the sequel you've been waiting for! No, seriously. Amazon/ComiXology

Jane - Modern Jane Eyre retelling. Amazon/ComiXology


Stay tuned - next week we'll probably send out a round-up of indie sales!