Site Updates and Lots of New Comics!

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 8, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Suzanne

A few changes around the site this week!

We've created a weekly digest option for  those of you who don't want to immediately receive blog posts. Updating once or twice a week probably hasn't been too awful, but as we start posting more, we don't want to flood your inbox (unless you want that). New subscribers will soon be able to choose instant or weekly, but for those of you on the list already, you'll need to let us know you'd like to be moved.

We have a Facebook page now, in addition to Twitter. Follow us, share us, comment away.

We added a bunch of comics to the database this week! Some of them will eventually be reviewed.

Love and Capes
Princess Princess Ever After
Lavender Tea
Pride & Prejudice
Sense & Sensibility
The Dreamer