So Many Comics.

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 15, 2017 12:36:00 PM / by Suzanne

We put out a call for comic entries and well, let's just say we'll never reach the end of the gorgeous comics pitched to us. This site has become a rather expensive hobby and we know lots of our fellow readers are on a budget, so it's great to see so many webcomics on this list.

Here's the deal: we simply can't read all of the comics and review them. Suzanne also reviews romance novels and, eventually, the eyeballs want a break. So we're adding them to the database for all of you lovely people to find.

Below are the newest entries, with a very short description of each. As always, you can click through to their main page for buy/read links, a more thorough description, and reviews if we've read the comic already. (If we haven't read the comic, things like the "heat" level may be left blank.)


How To Be A Werewolf - A whole bunch of werewolves trying to figure things out. (Review soonish)

Alex Priest - Two queer vampire hunters (reluctantly) team up to save the world.

Gamer Girl & Vixen - Two costumed criminals falling in love and stealing things. "Love, Lesbians, and Larceny!"

Cunning Fire - A spooky urban fantasy comic with lots of witches. Perfect for your Halloween reading needs! (Complicated plot here. We're loving it so far, but waiting a while longer to review.)

Radio Silence - A slice of life comic that follows a British rock band! 

The Sun Prince, the Saint, and the Changeling - Historical m/m romance set in Renaissance Italy. (Review soonish)

Tunes of Lycka - Slice of life following a 14 y/o girl starting a band.

The Quick & Dirty Life of Fritz Fargo - Follows a bunch of queer rocker boys in the 90's.

Ghost Junk Sickness - A whole bunch of queer folks in a sci-fi bounty hunting space adventure. 

Retroblade - Sci-fi comedy adventure with some queer characters. (Not so much on the romance, but we like the art!)

MoonSlayer - A high fantasy webcomic with romantic subplots and queer characters. And gorgeous art! (Review eventually.)

Shaderunners - "One part Prohibition fantasy, one part Robin Hood, and a whole lot of epic heist..." (Review eventually, y'all are killing me here.)

Job Satisfaction - Demons and summoners and romantic elements. Majority queer/trans cast.

Heart Hex - A witch summons a demon to take out her cheating long-term boyfriend... What could go wrong?

Dollhouse - Slice of life 18+ story following a girl, a band, and some bad decisions. (Review soonish)

Immortal Nerd - Sci-fi with a nerdy immortal protagonist who loves cats.


That's all for today! We'll enter the rest of them next week, so keep 'em coming. <3