So Many Comics Part II!

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 30, 2017 11:44:25 AM / by Suzanne

A little late since we promised this last week, but here's Part II of our big webcomics update! As always, we've added them to the database for all of you lovely people to find.

Below are the newest entries, with a very short description of each. As always, you can click through to their main page for buy/read links, a more thorough description, and reviews if we've read the comic already. (If we haven't read the comic, things like the "heat" level may be left blank.)

Nwain - A nonbinary knight in a fantasy world. Animated! (It's cool, you should check it out.)

Switch - A reluctant superhero, struggling with legacy, celebrity, and technology. Queer elements and a building gay romance.

Heirs of the Veil - Witches! Okay, seriously, it's about queer witches having an adventure.

BSandL - Gay romance in which an alien crash lands and has to figure it out.

Blessings - "A fantasy adventure comic with super powers, romance, cannibalism, and everybody's queer!"

Polyamory Isn't for Everyone - "A queer love story gone horribly wrong." NSFW at times.

The next few updates will be reviews of print works, but if you've got more comics of any format for us, send a note!