The Sun Prince, the Saint, and the Changeling Cover
Title: The Sun Prince, the Saint, and the Changeling
Creators: Format: Webcomic EBook
Color: Black and White
Romanceiness: Definitely a Romance
Heat: R
Tags: gay historical mystery queer
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Synopsis from the Creator:
15th century Europe — To foster good relations with its southern territories, the Holy Roman Empire has been sending one of its princes on yearly visits to the Kingdom of Italy.

Tomas is the son of a powerful Sienese family who have the privilege of hosting the royal visits. He’s been spending his summers with prince Emil at a remote family estate in Civita. But Emil is an ostentatious, spoiled brat, and Tomas couldn’t care less for such “honor.” The only thing that makes the whole situation bearable is another boy in prince’s retinue. Matthias is everything Emil is not: kind, easy going, and makes for good company; nicknamed “St. Matthias” for his God given ability to ease the effects of prince’s grating personality.Having to play nice with royalty is a pain, but Tomas’ true worry is a private one—he’s unfulfilled in his romantic life. Relationships seem so complicated. Pessimistic about anything long term, he’s equally unenthusiastic about the casual life of a bachelor. But…what else is there?Contemplation leads him stumbling into unexpected feelings for Matthias, his childhood friend. Consumed by this newly discovered attraction, and eager to forget his woes, Tomas dreams of a fun, uncomplicated summer romance.But what awaits him is anything but simple. The young men who return to Italy the following summer are not the Matthias and Emil that Tomas once knew. Both have changed in unexpected ways, and more importantly, both are hiding something. Tomas soon finds himself drawn into a mystery spanning two years and three hearts—one of which is his own.

The Sun Prince, The Saint and the Changeling is a Renaissance romance with modern sensibilities. It’s an original BL graphic novel by Chama.

Review: The Sun Prince, The Saint and The Changeling

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 14, 2018 9:40:00 AM / by Suzanne

The Sun Prince, The Saint and The Changeling is one of those comics that sounds too good to be true: a historical m/m romance with beautiful art. The first two parts are out as of this writing, so the review that follows is based on the first 70 pages of what will be a complete graphic novel at the end. The project is set to be 8 parts, which would mean we're about 1/4 of the way through the story at this point.

What do you need to know? If you're a fan of historical romance, you'll most likely have two reactions to this work. First, you'll thoroughly enjoy it. Second, you'll be irritated that the rest of it isn't out yet. However, in my experience, the best way to convince creators to create is to buy their work as it comes out, so I think you'll just have to join me in the "why can't I read it all now" camp. 

The comic is in black and white, but the artwork is quite lovely. The characters are lovingly and consistently rendered, which is nice because there are three young men at the center of the story and sometimes that means it's hard to tell who is who. The backgrounds, however, shine. I'm curious what reference materials Chama is using to create them, because the setting is very distinct. It's summer in what is now Italy, and it's very bright and warm, a feat when there are no colors.

As for the story, it feels like a love triangle so far, but we've just gotten to the first kiss and I did a little squeak of happiness at that scene, while another character stomped off in anger. The dialogue in the first issue is awkward and stilted at times, but that doesn't seem to be a problem in the second issue. 

TL;DR - if you're looking for an m/m historical romance comic? Pick this up. It's $3 for each part on Gumroad right now.

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