Lots of Webcomics Added, Plus Kickstarters!

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 7, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Suzanne

We put out another call on Twitter for comics with queer or romantic elements... and boy, did Twitter deliver. Here are another THIRTEEN webcomics for your reading pleasure. 

Evil Witch Allie - A young queer witch in a slice-of-magical life comic. A romance on the way.

But I'm a Cat Person - "A webcomic about adventure, politics, magic, and lesbians."

Leif & Thorn - "A queer cross-cultural bilingual fantasy dramedy." This appears to contain a knight and a gardener in love, adorable pets and hijinks.

Firebird - Gay romance centered around a pianist and a ballet dancer. Drew me right in with beautiful art and a bit of mystery.

Out of Service - A horror comic about two women stuck on a train. Queer elements.

Alethia  - Sci-fi with robots trying to figure out what to do after they're abandoned by their creators. Lesbian romance in some chaps.

14 Nights - Gay romance in which one of the men is afraid of sex.

Spidersilk - Looks like an epic fantasy with lots of romance. (Going on my to-be-read list!)

Fell Swoop- Same creator as Spidersilk, but sci-fi! This is in color, Spidersilk is not.

Yellow Hearts - Keezy Young brings the same cuteness and queerness that I loved in Taproot to an epic fantasy setting.

Iron Empress - Epic fantasy with background queer romantic elements.

Pictures of You - The website is a bit overwhelming, but this comic looks like the show Friends, if Friends was more diverse and had more sex and drugs.

Dead City- Two women finding love while surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Full-Spectrum Therapy - Queer sci-fi with a central m/m relationship and a queer cast.


And lastly, a couple of Kickstarters you might be interested in!

Crossplay, an Erotic Graphic Novel - This was originally published in pieces over on Filthy Figments, a comic porn site run by Gina Biggs (of Love Not Found). Crossplay is about kinky cosplay shenanigans at a gaming con. Sort of a really dirty love letter to fandom. 

The Sun and the Wayward Wind - This is a reboot of a previous Kickstarter that didn't quite make its funding goal. It's an anthology of North American folklore and the sample pages I've seen look really interesting. They have until December 13, 2017 to make it the last 25% of the way.


That's it for this massive update - we hope you find some comics you like!