Top Off Your TBR: January 2018 Edition

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New year, new books! Here's a list of books we're looking forward to in January 2018.

heartonfire.jpgHeart on Fire, by Amanda Bouchet - January 2
We reviewed this one here, if you want to know why it's on this list. In short? A fierce heroine who kicks butt, saves the world, and has a smoking hot romance with her warlord husband. We're sad to see the series end, but looking forward to Bouchet's upcoming sci-fi series!

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deathbelowstairs.jpgDeath Below Stairs, by Jennifer Ashley  - January 2
Jennifer Ashley, author of fan-favorite THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE is starting a mystery series! "Victorian class lines are crossed when cook Kat Holloway is drawn into a murder that reaches all the way to the throne." Mysterious.

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relay.jpgRelay, by Layla Reyne - January 8
Layla Reyne has been recommended to me by several authors I rely on for Quality Recommendations, but her first series was romantic suspense, which isn't my thing. Sports romance between two teammates? Yeah, that's my thing.

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beneaththesugarsky.jpgBeneath the Sugar Sky, by Seanan McGuire - January 9
This series is totally weird and dark and beautiful. The kids are all lost in some way and it's both creepy and lovely how they find their paths. If you've not read the previous two, start with EVERY HEART A DOORWAY. Not a romance.

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tempest.jpgTempest, by Beverly Jenkins - January 30
FORBIDDEN and BREATHLESS each earned stars from several review outlets, and I'm sure TEMPEST will be no different. The depth of Jenkins's research shines through in her books and truly transports readers.

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wallflowermostwanted.jpgWallflower Most Wanted, by Manda Collins - January 30
ANOTHER VICAR. Sorry, but after Cat Sebastian's vicar hero, I am here for the tension of doing what's right vs doing what feels good. Manda has made this series all about nerdy heroines (also my catnip), and this one is a painter! Sign me up.

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theweddingdate.jpgThe Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory - January 30
We have a review of this one coming up soon! Roxane Gay said some really nice things about it, as have many others. It's the fake-date trope, which is always fun. Jasmine was also a NaNoWriMo mentor this year and she seems super sweet. 

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What books are you excited for?


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