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Title: What Kind of Day
Author: Heat: Re
Genre(s): Romance Contemporary
Tags: straight Philippines
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Synopsis from the Creator:

It's a bad day for Ben. After years of earnest work, he's been fired from his job as a speechwriter for a Philippine senator. Name tarnished and bridges burned, he steps into what he thinks is a shuttle ride home, and accidentally joins a tour of his own city.

It was supposed to be a good day for Naya. Her passion is traveling, her hobby is discovering cool things to see and do, and taking people on tours of Metro Manila is her only job right now. An extra person at the last minute isn't ideal, especially if the person is a former colleague and the subject of the day's hottest political trash fire. But work is work, and she decides to let him stay in the tour. 

She's hoping she won't regret it. He's hoping his day turns around. What kind of day could it be? Maybe the best kind.

Review: What Kind of Day, by Mina V. Esguerra

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 25, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Margrethe

What Kind of Day is a lovely gentle read about two people becoming who they want to be with some assistance from each other. Naya runs small, specialized tours around Manila and the Philippines, and one day Ben appears. He has just resigned from his job working for a senator when he sits down in Naya’s van. The book takes place over months, but really three or so days.

The few days we have with Ben and Naya are turning points for them. Both have to determine what they really want from life and what compromises they are willing to make. The understanding they show each other is just lovely. They know the limits on their connection, and while they each impact each other on these two days that define them, the relationship isn’t a fast cure. Their time together lifts their moods and lets them see what is actually important. No one fixes the other, but they provide a boost of something necessary, they highlight each other’s strengths. And when we reach their HFN/HEA, Ben and Naya have worked on themselves, allowing them to be ready to be together.

This is a super mellow positive review, but it really is a lovely book. What Kind of Day is also the start of a new series from Esguerra, so we’re all extremely lucky and I can’t wait for the next book.

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