Top Off Your TBR: April 2024

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Top Off Your TBR April 2024These TBR posts are apparently replacing my mini-reviews? In this post I talk a lot about some of the April books I've read and then give a list of a bunch I'm looking forward to checking out.

Top on my list of not-yet-reads are Hannah Whitten's Hemlock Queen, Fine Print Vol. 2, by Stjepan Šejić and When I Think of You, by Myah Ariel.

Hope you find something great!

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Books I've Read Early:

Disclosure: I received copies of these books from the publisher for review.

what-is-loveWhat is Love?, by Jen Comfort (April 1)

Do you like chaos x starchy pairings, bi for bi, trivia, or bowties? If so, this hilarious, sexy new contemporary romance is the book for you!

I adored foul-mouthed, irreverent, brilliant Maxine and the rivalry she has with not-as-starchy-as-he-appears Teddy. This is a not-Jeopardy romance and the way Comfort wove in trivia throughout the novel was clever rather than exhausting. The characters spend a huge amount of their time learning things in very different ways (methodical studying vs internet rabbitholes), so it makes sense that they'd mention things in conversation. This rings especially true for us neurodivergent folks, who are frequently intensely interested in something and simply must share.

Loved everything about this book and if you even slightly like trivia or "slutty" bowties/suspenders you should pick it up!
Audio Notes: I read this about 30% in print and 70% in audio because I, like Maxine, am an agent of chaos. I loved the audio narration and especially Scarlett Everdeen and Rock Engle's comedic timing. If you're going to read a book with scenes in which the characters are racing to buzz in first, you've got to have the ability to insert some urgency into the performance.


how-to-end-a-love-storyHow to End a Love Story, by Yulin Kuang (April 9)

If you've been looking for a contemporary romance that hits those angsty 2010's feels, this might do the trick. The MMC fatally struck the FMC's younger sister with his car during high school and the book starts as he is hired as a lead writer for the tv adaptation of her hit book series. Readers should note that the plot contains quite a bit of discussion of suicide, guilt and grief. I thought it was handled really well. The author is adapting Emily Henry's books for screen and it's that same sort of Big Feels--maybe with a bit more spice. More words at Shelf Awareness.


late-bloomerLate Bloomer, by Mazey Eddings (April 16)

Queer, neurodivergent, opposites attract, farmer x artist goodness! The premise for this is on the absurd side. Opal wins $500k in the lottery and buys a flower farm sight unseen with no legal or financial counsel and when she shows up, financially strapped farmer Pepper learns that her con-artist mom has sold the farm out from under her. I'd say this is a double Sad Girl book: there's a grief plot (Pepper's grandmother recently passed), flailing about trying to figure out how to be an adult and how to protect yourself from people who continually use you. There's also a swoony romance and a lot of found family (Pepper) and blood family (Opal) to support the two women through this tumultuous time. If you can get past wanting to scream at Opal at the beginning, there's a lot to love.


a-promise-of-peridotA Promise of Peridot (Sacred Stones #2), by Kate Golden (April 9)

If you didn't read the first in this series, A Promise of Peridot won't make much sense to you. So go back and read A Dawn of Onyx first. These read quite a bit like Jennifer L. Armentrout's Blood & Ash books, with hidden powers, nations at war and men who aren't what they seem. They're shorter though and I don't find the FMC insufferable as I do Poppy after four 600-page books. (Sorry, Poppy.) I can't say Golden is treading new ground, but if you want something to scratch that "romantasy" itch this is a solid choice. I'll keep reading this series.


colton-gentrys-third-actColton Gentry's Third Act, by Jeff Zentner (April 30)

I loved this book. I think it's more in the vein of Relationship Fiction than Romance since it's all in Colton's POV and follows his journey back from the bottom of his career and the bottle, but the second-chance-at-39 love story is great too. It begins with Colton tanking his country music career by drunkenly yelling about guns on stage one night--his best friend was murdered in a mass shooting--and the author doesn't go as far into that as I expected. There's a lot of cooking, learning what it means to choose your own path and time with a dog who does not die. There are also kids who don't feel like plot muppets! I loved this Kentucky-set book so much more than I expected to.


the-kiss-countdownThe Kiss Countdown, by Etta Easton (April 9)

I read this to get into the Total Solar Eclipse spirit and it was a perfectly nice way to pass a few hours. I was expecting more space nerdery and the fake dating/fake engagement plotline didn't work for me, but the FMC's career arc was solid. I'll definitely read Easton's next book.


The Longlist:

All titles in red are links to Amazon.

just-for-the-summerApril 1 - What Is Love?, by Jen Comfort

April 2 - Just for the Summer, by Abby Jimenez

April 2 - Old Flames and New Fortunes, by Sarah Hogle

April 2 - Here We Go Again, by Alison Cochrun

April 2 - Otherwordly, by F.T. Lukens

April 2 - The Book of Thorns, by Hester Fox

April 9 - Wake Me Most Wickedly (Once Upon the East End #2), by Felicia Grossman

dragonfruitApril 9 - Dragonfruit, by Makiia Lucier

April 9 - How to End a Love Story, by Yulin Kuang

April 9 - The Kiss Countdown, by Etta Easton

April 9 - A Sweet Sting of Salt, by Rose Sutherland

April 11 - A Promise of Peridot (Sacred Stones #2), by Kate Golden

April 11 - The Hemlock Queen (Nightshade Crown #2), by Hannah Whitten

April 16 - Sheine Lende (Elatsoe prequel), by Darcie Little Badger

April 16 - Late Bloomer, by Mazey Eddings

April 16 - Fine Print Vol. 2, by Stjepan Šejić

when-i-think-of-youApril 16 - When I Think of You, by Myah Ariel

April 16 - One of Us Knows, by Alyssa Cole

April 17 - The Succubus's Prize (A Deal With a Demon #4), by Katee Robert

April 23 - Song of the Six Realms, by Judy I. Lin

April 23 - So Long Sad love, by Mirion Malle (Graphic Novel)

April 23 - Funny Story, by Emily Henry

April 23 - Dragon Rider, by Taran Matharu

April 23 - Out of Office, by A.H. Cunningham

April 23 - Blood Justice (Blood Debts #2), by Terry J. Benton-Walker

truly-madly-deeplyApril 30 - Hexennacht (Wheel of the Year #2), by C.M. Nascosta

April 30 - Truly, Madly, Deeply, by Alexandria Bellefleur

April 30 - Colton Gentry's Third Act, by Jeff Zentner


If you miss the collected lists at Amazon, let me know. I'm assuming that none of the twenty-odd folks who read this each month have noticed I stopped doing them, but I'm happy to start up again if anyone wants. Happy reading!


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