Release Day Excerpt: Cosplay Worthy, by Quiana Glide

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One of the best things about being geeky on the internet is when other geeks find you and want to share their geeky things. I got that happy little buzz when author Quiana Glide told me about her new romance novel, Cosplay Worthy, which features a comic book writer and one of his biggest fans. I'm pretty sure she wrote it for all of us who've attended a con just to hear that one writer speak. No, I will not share who I'm casting opposite me in this scenario.

To celebrate the release of Cosplay Worthy, we're sharing an excerpt at the end of this post! Read on for more about the book and the author.


cosplay-worthyThe Book: Cosplay Worthy

Can a professional really love his fangirl?

Blerdy (Black + nerdy) fangirl Layla Bennett is excited to meet her favorite comic book writer. She's looking forward to getting his autograph, shaking his hand, and getting a photo with him while dressed in cosplay. At least that's how she felt before meeting him and turning to mush under the gaze of his sexy blue eyes. Comic book writer and New York Times best selling author Vic Williams is as sexy as the superheroes he writes about. His affable charm has Layla under his spell, at least until the end of the weekend.

After their convention meet cute Layla goes home with a fun story about meeting her idol, knowing nothing will come from her fangirl blubbering. When Vic connects with Layla online, their friendship quickly evolves into a long distance relationship, complete with anime, ramen, and with comic book store trips with a comic book writer.

Layla is smitten with her real life superhero, but much like comic book lore things aren't always what they seem. Under the bright lights of the comic con floor hidden truths come to the surface. Through the harsh reality of the fandom world can Layla and Vic find their way back together?

This is a complete standalone romance with a HEA!


Cosplay Worthy releases today, March 7 and you can grab it in Kindle Unlimited or print!


20220301_112016The Author: Quiana Glide

Quiana Glide considers herself a Jill of all nerdy trades but master of none. Pro wrestling, cartoons, books, and 80s music are her jams. Quiana has had a lifelong love of writing and has been a featured writer in HuffPost and CafeMom. She lives in Southwest Michigan with her charmingly goofy husband and her chaotic toddler daughter.

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The Excerpt:

[The following is from Cosplay Worthy, by Quiana Glide, March 7, 2022.]


The center of the store was occupied almost entirely by tables, with long boxes of old comics packed inside. The centerpiece of most shops, with collectors rifling through looking to fill that hole in their collection from 1979. There always seemed to be at least a few people, hoarders or hopeful kids, rifling through the polybagged and back-boarded issues.

“I thought you’d be offering some sort of commentary Mr. Professional,” I snickered.

Hands still in his pockets Vic looked at me with a bemused smirk, “Well Layla what do you want to know?

Everything about you.

I wanted to juice his head like a lemon and drink from the lemonade of knowledge about the wonder that is Vic Williams. I didn’t voice that desire and instead gave him a sheepish shrug. Vic raised an eyebrow and pointed to a comic on the wall.

“I know the writer on that. She’s very nice. She actually got her start writing translations of manga before getting into comics.”

He turned and pointed to another comic on display, “I once asked the artist on that one out on a date. She was very flattered but engaged.”

However interesting I didn’t want to tread more emotionally confusing water by learning more about Vic’s dating life.

I shook my head, “Nah. I don’t wanna know that stuff.”

“Well I have that shirt,” he turned and pointed to a black Punisher shirt that hung off a clothing rack crowded with several shirts covered in pop culture references and nerdy company logos.

“The Punisher? Really?”

“Yep. It was a gift.”

“You’re kinda being a smart ass,” I scoffed.

“I know.”

I rolled my eyes and turned down an aisle of graphic novels. My eyes glanced over the shelves.

“I want to know about comics. Like what’s your writing process like? Where do you get your ideas? Who are your favorite creators? Things like that,” I turned to him.

“Oh! You wanted to know actual things! I should have known,” he feigned surprise. Again, I rolled my eyes.

“…My favorite creators are Chris Claremont, Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan, and Louise Simonson,” he said as he ran his hand along the bookshelf.

“You can’t be a Gen Xer without having Claremont on your favorites list,” I laughed.

“That sounds about right. As for my writing process it’s very scattered. Whenever I can get words on the page, I’m thankful. And ideas come to me in bits and pieces, then I flesh them out over time. My ex best friend helped me come up with Diablo way back in the 90’s. But for years the idea was just unconnected chunks floating in my mind. It took forever for me to sort her character out and almost twice as long for me to pitch her to a publisher.”

“I glad you did. She’s the best,” I smiled at him.

“Thanks,” he hunched his shoulders and grinned.

I turned back to the shelves and my eyes went wide at the collection of books that were staring at me.

“I think I see someone over here,” I poked Vic’s muscle sculpted shoulder.

I very much wanted to reach out and run my hand down his arms.

“Oh?” he blinked.

I pulled down a collected volume of his run on Mutant X.

“Oh god,” he groaned and ran his hands down his face.

“What’s wrong?” I frowned.

“Seeing my stuff… It’s kinda embarrassing,” his cheeks pinked.

“Sorry…” I went to put the book back onto the shelf when his hand on my shoulder stopped me in my tracks.

Blood rushed to my head at the warmness of his touch.

“Do you have a pen?” he whispered.

“Y-yeah… I’ve got my art stuff with me.”

He pulled back his hand and did a gimme motion. Face aflame I shuffled through my bag and pulled out a sharpie. With a devious smirk Vic looked left then right before he popped the top of the marker and opened the cover of the book. Feverishly he scribbled something down before blowing on the page to set the ink.

“What did you do?” I asked.

He turned to me with the book open. His inscription read,

Thank you for helping me keep the lights on - Vic Williams

We broke out into a fit of giggles like a pair of school girls.

“Can I help you two with anything?” A clerk staring daggers at us from the end of the aisle halted our laughter.

Swiftly Vic tucked the marker behind his back and closed the book.

“No sir, we’re just looking. Thanks though,” he smiled ever so sweetly.

“Uh, alright then. Let me know if I can help you two with anything,” the clerk’s eyes narrowed knowingly.

Vic turned to me with a wink before putting the book back on the shelf. Once we were alone again our giggle fit returned.

“Naughty boy,” I smiled up at him as my laugher faded.

Vic placed a light hand on my shoulder and leaned down to me, “You have no idea,” he whispered.


The brush of his breath against my cheek sent shudders down my legs. He handed back my marker and asked, “Should we go before we fuck up some more stuff?”

I stuffed the marker back into my bag and nodded.

Head held high, Vic strolled by the counter. I on the other hand noticed the suspicious looks from the staff behind the counter and dropped my head.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked once we were outside.

“...I kinda just want the attention of one fan today,” he said so quietly that I could barely hear.


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