March 2024 Reading Recap

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 5, 2024 10:22:40 AM / by Suzanne

I've been sharing these recaps over on Instagram for a couple of years now and they're a great way for me to reflect on my overall reading patterns and monthly favorites. I'm going to do something of a repost here for folks who don't use Insta. We'll see if I keep going :) Summary first, then the graphics.

As I settle into my big ALA committee reading work, I'm reading (and DNFing) all sorts of stuff outside my usual wheelhouse. I went back and forth on how to record my committee copies and decided to stick them in the Review category. On to the summary!
I read 28 books in March. Sorry for the typo on the first slide! Of these, 57% were audio, 11% digital and 32% print.
1 Nonfiction
11 Romance
6 Graphic Works
12 Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Relationship Fiction

Standouts this month:
- A Business Proposal! I read the first four volumes of this full-color series and I LOVE THESE GOOBERS. All four of 'em.
- This Spells Love by Kate Robb. I was really not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did since Friends to Lovers isn't my fave, but here we are.
- Two books I won't talk about because they're part of the SMP publicity boycott.
- The Phoenix Bride, by Natasha Siegel. So very different from Siegel's first book, this is a star-crossed 1600's romance between an English widow and a grieving bi Jewish-Portuguese doctor. An unconventional ending (with HEA). I had all the feelings.
- The Tainted Cup by Robert Jackson Bennett was *excellent* fantasy mystery. Like Holmes & Watson vibes if Sherlock cussed a lot and Watson was the main character. With a giant leviathan coming after the city.
Books will be listed in the comments.
Hope you read something great this month!
(And please remember that just because it's in this post doesn't mean I recommend it. A bunch of these books were duds.)
Thanks to Berkley Romance, PRH Audio, Macmillan Audio,, my library and my wallet for these reads!



Library Borrows:
Kilt Trip, by Alexandra Kiley
Never Let Go Vol. 2 by Saki Sakimoto
The Hundred Years' War on Palestine, by Rashid Khalidi
The Duchess Hunt, by Lorraine Heath
How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win a Wager, by D.N. Bryn
 3-1Owned or via a Subscription:
A Business Proposal, Volumes 1-4, by Narak and Perilla with original story by Haehwa
This Spells Love, by Kate Robb
The Dangerous Convenience Store, by 945

4-1Review Copies:
Late Bloomer, by Mazey Eddings (SMP title)
A Promise of Peridot (Sacred Stones #2), by Kate Golden
The Kiss Countdown, by Etta Easton
The Phoenix Bride, by Natasha Siegel
Sex, Lies and Sensibility, by Nikki Payne
Second Chances in New Port Stephen, by TJ Alexander

6-1Review Copies:
The House on Biscayne Bay, by Chanel Cleeton
The Search Party, by Hannah Richell
Island Witch, by Amanda Jayatissa
One of the Good Guys, by Araminta Hall
The Emperor and the Endless Palace, by Justinian Huang

5-1Review Copies:
Happily Never After, by Lynn Painter
The Rumor Game, by Thomas Mullen
Arthur & Teddy Are Coming Out, by Ryan Love
The Princess of Las Vegas, by Chris Bohjalian
The Tainted Cup, by Robert Jackson Bennett
The Husbands, by Holly Gramazio


Happy reading!