My 2023 Reading Goals

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 2, 2023 1:12:37 PM / by Suzanne

I'm not going to be a cookbook author and write a lengthy intro to this post. Instead, here are my reading goals for 2023!

2023 reading goalsShop My Shelves

I'm still working to ditch the habit of buying more books than I can reasonably read, especially in print. This is hard because I love browsing bookstores and having a full bookshelf to browse in my home. My goal for 2023, in addition to working on the Shop Your Shelves challenges, is to limit myself to one book on any given shopping trip. I also plan to request more books via interlibrary loan, which I've been avoiding because the process here is annoying.

Read More Graphic Novels

I started this site, Love in Panels, with the goal of creating a space online for romance comics. I think I reviewed two last year. Part of Shop Your Shelves for me will be reading a lot of the queer and romance comics I've collected in the last couple of years.

DNF More

As a recovering completionist, I still hold onto books for too long. My last goal for 2023 is to allow myself to put aside books that aren't working for me. I'm going to continue pushing myself to read books that might challenge me or that I think simply need more time, like some fantasy novels. For the myriad contemporary romance novels that I read on audiopilot (autopilot when I'm listening to a book), I'm going to give myself permission to DNF. It's not a badge of failure. It's an acknowledgment that the book isn't the right fit for me, at least at that time.

Have Fun

Reading is supposed to be fun! I want to read fewer books and spend more time without the voice of someone else in my head. I love audiobooks, but I need to rekindle my love of music and cultivate a tolerance for silence. 


Have you set any reading goals for 2023?