Shop Your Shelves Summer 2023

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New quarter, new Shop Your Shelves board! Once again, I reused some squares, but some are brand new! I also added some that are much more open to interpretation, so make sure to read the square descriptions. One change to the "rules" - I moved re-reads to the Don't section. Like reading new books, re-reads are great... but not the point of this particular challenge.

Below you'll find rules, explanations for the squares and a link to square and story boards.

The Board

Shop Your Shelves IG Square-1

Downloads available in Drive.

Rules & Tags

Bingo runs from July 1 through September 30, 2023.

The goal is to read what you already own, but since this is now the fourth iteration of the challenge, you can customize it to suit your needs. I have review/work obligations so I'll be reading some newer acquisitions regardless. I just won't count them for my board.

Don't count:

  • Pre-orders that arrive after July 1.
  • Kindle Unlimited, Audible Plus or any books purchased with credits after July 1.
  • Library borrows, unless you already have them on loan on July 1.
  • Bonus challenge: Backdate this to April 1, which is when the last challenge began or really challenge yourself and don't count anything you've owned for less than a year.
  • Re-reads.

All formats and genres are valid.

You may use a book to fill up to three squares.

If you plan to join the fun on social, tag @LoveinPanels or use #ShopYourShelvesBingo so we can cheer each other on! We'll be chatting through the challenge in The Reader Room Discord group as well, so please send a message on social or email me (suzanne at for an invite!

Square Explanations

Most of the squares below are pretty self-explanatory, so I haven't gone into detail, but they're all listed for clarity and accessibility. Each row's squares are listed left to right.

Row 1

Read Outside - Read a book you already own outside. You are encouraged to use the same book you're already reading for a different square.

Beautiful Cover

Monstrous - This can be a monster romance, sure. It can also feature a character or feature who/that is monstrous in some way: mafia, a bully, the United States carceral system...

Love Your Library - Participate in Summer Reading at your library, make a donation (even used books for the book sale!), send an email to the trustees about how much you like a staff member/service/program/etc.

In a Series - This one's pretty clear, but skim down to Row 5 and you'll see the square for In the Same Series. These can be done together, but that bottom square could also be a follow-up to a book you used for a different square. For example, I'm reading Courtney Milan's Hold Me for "In a Series" and then I read Trade Me for "In the Same Series." Or I could read Jordan L Hawk's Hexbreaker for the "Animals" square and then read Hexmaker for the "In the Same Series" square.


Row 2

Share It - Share this challenge or a book you're reading for one of the squares on social media or IRL. You can also count it if you donate a book to your library or other non-profit. Half-Price Books (for profit) and Goodwill (lobbies against minimum wage and disability rights legislation) don't count, sorry.

Reading Snack - This can be a novella, a book with food in it OR you can eat a snack while reading. I recommend you stay away from ripe stone fruit. Peach juice is hard to get off the page. Ask me how I know.

Bestseller - Any book with the bestseller flag on Amazon or with some kind of bestseller or bestselling author tag on the cover.

DNF - Did Not Finish. Consider this permission to put down that book you're dreading.

Copy a Square - Do the same square twice! Read two books with your favorite trope and get credit for both. Eat a snack twice! Truly the dream. Please remember you can use a book for up to three squares, so this isn't the same as using the same book for multiple squares.

Row 3

Heat Wave - Read during oppressive heat. Read something extra spicy. Read a book in which the characters live somewhere hot. Eat a ghost pepper while reading.

Stand-alone - Not in a series.

Free Space

Water - Something with water on the cover or in the book. You could also read by the lake/beach/river. I'm going to try for a beachy book (Happy Place), but if you're really desperate, I guess you can drink a glass of water while reading?

Favorite Trope - The Chosen One. Only One Bed. One Ring to Rule Them All. You pick.

Row 4

Games - Characters play games, games are mentioned, the title is something punny. I'm looking at Nadine Gonzalez's Rivalry at Play.

BIPOC Author

So Long - Many options! Pick a really long book. Pick a book you've put off for a long time. Pick a book in which the characters say goodbye to each other.


Party - If you really want to, you can pick a political book for this, but I am planning to read a book with a big celebration. You can count holidays for this, too.


Row 5

Organize - Clean up your Goodreads, Storygraph or other TBR. Set a draft plan for this challenge. Clean your bookshelves.

Review a Book - Any site counts. You could even write something up in your journal.

My Precious - This can be either a Break Glass in Case of Emergency book or a fantasy novel. (My child is presently reading The Hobbit, can you tell?)

In the Same Series - Please scroll up and read the instructions for the In a Series square. This can be any book that's in the same series as a book you used for a different square.

Nailed It! - Go watch the show for a while, you deserve it. If you don't want to or can't, read a book with baking, construction or some sort of disaster.


That's it! Download graphics here and don't forget to reach out for an invite to The Reader Room Discord or find us on Instagram @loveinpanels or #ShopYourShelvesBingo.

Happy reading!

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