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Ghost Junk Sickness Cover
Title: Ghost Junk Sickness
Creators: Format: Webcomic
Color: Color
Romanciness: LGBTQ+ Elements
Tags: queer gay sci-fi
Where to Buy or Read:

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Synopsis from the Creator:

Trigger Elliot is a bounty hunter who travels around the galaxy with his not-so-fully-licensed-and-technically-illegal-hunting-partner Vahn Gavotte. They're lousy at what they do and often resort to petty tactics just to get a bounty, this is their life.

Their home planet, June7, is a world rebuilding itself from an inexplicable catastrophic phenomenon that destroyed 75% of the planet's surface. It has been 5 years since the destruction of June7 and the planet now thrives on the transient and growing population of bounty hunters. Trigger and Vahn's routine changes when an ambiguous bounty surfaces; an alleged bounty hunter killer named the 'ghost' with frightening abilities and an unknown motive. When Trigger's past catches up with him, there begins a strain on his and Vahn's hunting dynamic, forcing them to become further involved in chasing the elusive and unpredictable ghost.

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