Bait 'N Witch Cover
Title: Bait 'N Witch
Author: Heat: Re
Genre(s): Romance Paranormal
Tropes: Enemies to Lovers Fated Mates
Tags: white straight f-m witch witches magic secrets nanny boss-employee cis mating bond
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Synopsis from the Creator:

Rowan McAuliffe has been hiding most of her life. Secretly trained in her powers by an unusual source, she'd been taught not to trust anyone. Especially other witches. However, after she was forced to perform a hateful act against her will, she now hides from the Covens Syndicate and their judgement.

Greyson Masters is the Syndicate's best hunter. On top of the danger of his job, Greyson is trying to raise his triplet daughters alone, budding new witches who display an alarming combined power no one understands. Too bad he doesn’t have a clue how to deal with them.

Until Rowan walks in and the chaos settles for the first time in...well, ever.

Little does Greyson realize that his new nanny is the very witch he is hunting, and she’s been hiding right under his nose this whole time.

This book was previously self published but has undergone a complete re-edit. Scenes were added, things were changed, but the kissing still remains!

Each book in the Brimstone, Inc. series is STANDALONE:
* The Demigod Complex
* Shift Out of Luck
* Bait N' Witch

Review: Bait N' Witch, by Abigail Owen

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 15, 2020 9:45:00 AM / by Suzanne

I've been seeking paranormal romance with lighter plots and not so much murder and suspense, so I've gladly sailed through each of Abigail Owen's re-issued Brimstone, Inc. novellas. The first pairs a demigod and a nymph, the second matches up two alpha werewolves and the third hooks up a witch and the warlock/coven official looking for her. Heads-up: all three are connected and I'm not sure they'd work as stand-alones.

Rowan is on the run from both the witches and the werewolves after being forced by an evil werewolf to disrupt the wedding that happens in the first book and Delilah (the interfering head of Brimstone, Inc) sends her to live with Greyson as nanny to his triplet daughters. I'm not a fan of the falling-for-the-nanny trope, but Bait N' Witch has just enough of the secret identity and when-will-he-find-out plots that I was able to mostly hand-wave away my issues. The triplets' antics add a little levity to the book and while I felt the whole thing was rushed, I was in the mood to forgive a lot.

The writing itself feels un-polished. I always hope that when a book is re-issued, it'll be given another round of edits and supposedly these were, but they still read as an earlier version of Owen's writing. To that end, the prose is middling, not great.

I think the next books in the series will be new and not re-issues, so I have hope that they'll showcase Owen's current writing ability rather than her earlier work.  However, if you want a quick and fun read, I can recommend this series.


Bait N' Witch releases on June 15, 2020.

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Suzanne received a digital copy of this book from the publisher for review.

Content Warnings: children in peril, near-death experience, violence, mention of spousal death in past

Topics: review