Top Off Your TBR: February 2023 Edition

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Once again, I'm publishing a Top Off Your TBR post and wondering if the Harper Collins Publishing Union will have a fair contract in hand by the time these books release. The strike began on November 10, 2022 and Harper Collins/NewsCorp finally agreed to mediation last week. I'm cautiously optimistic that the two parties can reach a deal sometime soon, but we've been asked to keep applying pressure until it's all official.

TBR Feb 2023With that in mind, I've listed a few Harper Collins titles below and marked them with an asterisk *. There are a couple I would have loved to feature in the top part of this post, but out of solidarity with the union, I'm holding off for now. (I'm cheating a little by showing their covers, but you're already here and Harper Collins can't use any of this for their socials, which is the point of the union's ask.)

I also wanted to mention that we're heading into the second month of Shop Your Shelves Winter Bingo and I've loved all the posts you've shared with me on Instagram. I'm not doing great on my own board (classes started, sick kids, a death in the family, a surprisingly time-intensive volunteer assignment) so I really appreciate the inspiration and fun!

I hope your month is full of excellent reading.

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wildbloodWildblood, by Lauren Blackwood - February 7

 A thrilling new fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blackwood!

Eighteen-year-old Victoria is a Wildblood. Since she was kidnapped at the age of six and manipulated by the Exotic Lands Touring Company, she’s worked as a tour guide ever since with a team of fellow Wildbloods who take turns using their magic to protect travelers in a Jamaican jungle teeming with ghostly monsters.

When the boss denies Victoria an earned promotion to team leader in favor of Dean, her backstabbing ex, she’s determined to prove herself. Her magic may be the most powerful on the team, but she’s not the image the boss wants to send their new client, Thorn, a renowned goldminer determined to reach an untouched gold supply deep in the jungle.

Thorn is everything Victoria isn't - confident, impossibly kind, and so handsome he leaves her speechless. And when he entrusts the mission to her, kindness turns to mutual respect, turns to affection, turns to love. But the jungle is treacherous, and between hypnotic river spirits, soul-devouring women that shed their skin like snakes, and her ex out for revenge, Victoria has to decide - is promotion at a corrupt company really what she wants?

A fierce, lush fantasy by New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blackwood, Wildblood tells the story of a girl who must find the strength to defeat the demons of the jungle as well as her own to find where she truly belongs.


Why I Want to Read It - Blackwood's debut was what I like to think of as "a glorious mess." Jane Eyre is a trash fire of a book, but it's my kind of trash fire and when Blackwood combined it with Ethiopian inspiration and a monstrous curse I was enthralled. In Wildblood, I'm anticipating anti-colonialism, romance and monsters in the jungles of Jamaica and what more could we ask for?

"But the jungle is treacherous, and between hypnotic river spirits, soul-devouring women that shed their skin like snakes, and her ex out for revenge, Victoria has to decide - is promotion at a corrupt company really what she wants?"

Yes, let's find out.

Buy a copy:


Books I've Read Early:

Disclosure: I received copies of these books from the publisher for review.

not-your-exs-hexesNot Your Ex's Hexes, by April Asher - This follow up to Not the Witch You Wed was a four-star read for me as I felt Asher was able to avoid some of the first-in-series drag and get right to the funny, sexy, supernatural shenanigans. A review will go up at Shelf Awareness around release date.

*The Last Tale of the Flower Bride, by Roshani Chokshi - This gothic is exactly what you'd expect in a gothic - deadly secrets, hidden horrors and pervasive dread. Themes of loyalty, trust, fear and the slipperiness of memory with a bit of the fantastical (or is it?) weave together to make something fresh and unsettling. I'm happy to provide content warnings by email or DM as there are many. Longer review at Shelf Awareness.

The Neighbor Favor, by Kristina Forest - I loved this secret identity, part epistolary neighbors romance. Forest's YA novels are great and her debut adult romance is everything I wanted it to be. I have a full review going up over at Shelf Awareness around release date.


Also out this month (beware, not all are romance!):

All titles in red are links to Amazon. Check out the full list here.

radiant-sinFebruary 7 - Their Duchess, by Jess Michaels

February 7 - *The Phantom (Rise of the Warlords, #3), by Gena Showalter

February 7 - Radiant Sin (Dark Olympus, #4), by Katee Robert

February 7 - Not Your Ex's Hexes (Supernatural Singles, #2), by April Asher

February 7 - *Secretly Yours, by Tessa Bailey

February 7 - Empire of Hanging Swords, by R.R. Egal

February 7 - *These Infinite Threads (This Woven Kingdom, #2), by Tahereh Mafi

February 7 - Wildblood, by Lauren Blackwood

vencoFebruary 7 - *VenCo, by Cherie Dimaline

February 14 - *The Last Tale of the Flower Bride, by Roshani Chokshi

February 14 - Symphony for a Deadly Throne (The Mousai, #3), by E.J. Mellow

February 14 - *Safe with Me (New World, #5), by Lily X

February 14 - Ruby Spencer's Whisky Year, by Rochelle Bilow

February 14 - When You Wish Upon a Lantern, by Gloria Chao

February 14 - Isha, Unscripted, by Sajni Patel

take-the-leadFebruary 14 - Take the Lead (Dance Off, #1), by Alexis Daria (re-issue)

February 14 - *End of Story, by Kylie Scott

February 16 - Chaos Agent, by Lee Winter

February 21 - *Full Exposure, by Thien-Kim Lam

February 21 - For Her Consideration, by Amy Spalding

February 21 - The Counterfeit Scoundrel (The Chessmen, #1), by Lorraine Heath

February 21 - Nocturne, by Alyssa Wees

the best-mans-problemFebruary 21 - *The Best Man's Problem (The Navarros, #2), by Sera Taino

February 21 - The Shadow of Perseus, by Claire Heywood

February 21 - Destroyer of Worlds (A Return to Lovecraft Country), by Matt Ruff

February 21 - Last Chance Dance, by Lakita Wilson

February 21 - Best Served Hot, by Amanda Elliot

February 23 - How to Marry a Marble Marquis (The Monsters Ball, #1), by C.M. Nascosta

February 27 - Of Love and Forge, by Carly Spade

a-day-of-fallen-nightFebruary 28 - A Day of Fallen Night (Prequel to Priory of the Orange Tree), by Samantha Shannon

February 28 - R'Jaal's Resonance (Ice Planet Clones, #1), by Ruby Dixon

February 28 - Too Wrong to Be Right, by Melonie Johnson

February 28 - *Marvelous, by Molly Greeley

February 28 - *Liar City (Sugar & Vice, #1), by Allie Therin

February 28 - Barbarian's Prize (Ice Planet Barbarians #5), by Ruby Dixon (paperback special edition)

the-neighbor-favorFebruary 28 - The Neighbor Favor, by Kristina Forest


Reminder: all of these books are collected in a list over at Amazon for your convenience.

Did I miss any books you're excited to read this month?


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