Romantic Occupations, Part II

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 2, 2019 9:45:00 AM / by Andrea

Remember when Andrea shared some cool jobs in romance? Well, she's back with more!

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heels-over-headHeels Over Head, by Elyse Springer

Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)

Jeremy and Brandon are professional divers —like, proper divers, in the Olympics and everything! Most of their love story takes place during training at the pool, since that's where most of their lives take place. It's a comfort read for me, and one of my all-time favourites, because Jeremy and Brandon teach each other to take care of themselves in the most generous, gentle way. Yes to self-care! I've also legit had full conversations with somebody who is ACTUALLY training for the Olympics with the confidence as if I totalllly knew what was going on and have extensive knowledge about training just because I've read this book a bunch of times.

Content warnings for internalized homophobia, homophobic family and disordered eating.


arctic-sunArctic Sun (Frozen Hearts #1), by Annabeth Albert

Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Griffin is an outdoor tour guide and photography coach. He shows people around the picturesque landscapes of Alaska and helps them take the best pictures of their surroundings. It's a super cool interactive on-the-ground photography class slash outdoor adventure. Supermodel-turned-author, River Vale, joins Griffin's tour as inspiration for the followup to his Eat Pray Love-esque book, which he needs to finish writing ASAP. There's some lovely writerly moments of River losing himself in reviewing his writing and working on edits to make the story flow smoothly. You can read my review of the book (with content warnings) here.


sometime-after-midnight-1Sometime After Midnight, by L. Philips

Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

This is the sweetest 'Cinderfella' story of two musicians from different worlds who are connected by their music taste, talents and unfortunately, their fathers' tangled past. Cameron is working as a talent agent and preparing to take over as head at the record label that his very rich, very powerful dad owns. Nate works at his stepmom's ice-cream shop and writes music. The two meet at a gig and sparks fly, buuut because it's a Cinderella retelling, they're very suddenly split apart. There's a lot of social media playing a role in bringing them back together, and it's done really authentically. Content warnings: parental suicide, grief, doxxing.


exit-plans-for-teenage-freaksExit Plans for Teenage Freaks, by 'Nathan Burgoine

Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Cole is working towards being a sign-language interpreter, which is also the job his father does. There's teleporting and to-do lists, a high-school Rainbow Club, and!! This boy bullet journals! It's got some great moments of him being super sure he wants to be an interpreter and adults being like 'You don't have to follow in your dad's footsteps if you don't want to' which makes him question the path hes's on, but it's awesome to see him come into his own 'Yes! I wanna do this, dammit!' and be sure for himself that it's not just taking the 'easy' route.

Content warnings: bullying, flashbacks to child abduction, homophobia, assault, drowning


That's it for this time! What cool jobs have you been reading in fiction lately?