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Cunning Fire Cover
Title: Cunning Fire
Creators: Format: Webcomic
Color: Color
Romanciness: LGBTQ+ Elements
Heat: R
Tags: fantasy paranormal witches queer character of color
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Synopsis from the Creator:

21 years ago, Azrael pardoned a life...

Cunning Fire is an urban fantasy story about witches and spirits in modern day Chicago, following the journey of Akiva Stein as she enters this unfamiliar, hidden world and learns the craft of the Death witch. Caught up in her new coven's quest to create the legendary Elixir of Life, Akiva is forced to face her ability to see spirits and come to terms with the ways magic has tainted her past, and how it will shape her future.

CONTENT WARNINGS: This comic contains some scenes and imagery dealing with death, blood, and abuse. Crude language is used throughout the story. The above categories will be warned for in the description sections of each chapter cover page. Please proceed through the story with this in mind.

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