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Circadia Cover
Title: Circadia
Creators: Format: EBook
Color: Color
Romanciness: Definitely a Romance
Heat: PG13
Tags: queer nonbinary character assassins paranormal fantasy
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You'll be able to catch up when the Kickstarter for Issue #2 goes live, details here:

Synopsis from the Creator:

Circadia is a five issue limited comic series written by Jennifer Dugan. Stranger Things meets Black Swan, it tells the story of a bi ballerina and her non-binary love interest as they struggle to untangle dreams from reality… while battling a demon on both fronts.

While it tells a single cohesive story, it’s presented anthology style, with a different team of queer women and non-binary artists bringing their unique talents to each issue.

Issue #1 launched successfully in Fall of 2017, and fully funded with all stretch goals unlocked. Check it out here

Issue #2 is slated to hit Kickstarter in June of 2018 and will include a catch up tier for those who missed out the first time around.

Verona Cover
Title: Verona
Creators: Format: EBook Print
Color: Color
Romanciness: Definitely a Romance
Heat: R
Tags: graphic novel assassins straight character of color adaptation
Where to Buy or Read:

Emet Comics


Synopsis from the Creator:

Written by director and screenwriter Emily Dell, Verona is a story of violence, passion, and young love. Set in modern-day Verona, the Montoyas and Capulets are warring assassin clans, serving contracts for Henrys, Hamlets, and MacBeths. When Jo Capulet and Roman Montoya are thrown together after a mission gone wrong, they see in each other a chance for a new life, even if it means destroying everyone in their path.

Love In Panels' Review:

VERONA is a modern-day, diverse retelling of Romeo & Juliet. Juliet Onishi Capulet is from a powerful family that produces munitions and assassinates people. Roman Montoya is from a more obviously criminal family of drug dealers and assassins. (One thread running throughout the book is the idea that sometimes the legal business owners are actually far shadier.) Anyway, both of them are assassins and they're pitted against each other so... of course they fall in love.

The book is 168 pages, which is enough to lay a great foundation for the story, but I would have loved more character development and a slower build for the central romance. That said, the original was pretty much insta-love, so this is a definite improvement!

This book is a lot of fun, with something for everyone. Explosions! Romance! Bad guys getting what they deserve! Best of all, Roman and Juliet don't die. There's enough here to give you that R&J feel, (Tybalt and other family members, poison/drugs, an apothecary-type person, etc.) but it feels fresh and original. The supporting cast alone makes this worth a read.

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