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The Legend of Bold Riley Cover
Synopsis from the Creator:

Leia Weathington’s sword-and-sorcery epic The Legend of Bold Riley is illustrated by Leia and a host of talented artists. “Who is Bold Riley?” you might ask. She has hunted the wildest game and dallied with countless beautiful girls, but still longs to know the world beyond the city walls. Princess Rilavashana SanParite, called Bold Riley, leaves behind her station and sets out to travel through distant lands and find forgotten ruins, fearsome enemies, inscrutable gods and tragic love.

Love In Panels' Review:

THE LEGEND OF BOLD RILEY is an adventure comic featuring a (bold) princess who fights monsters, seduces ladies, and uses her wits to help people as she travels around Southeast Asia. The compiled book I read (not the standalone issues) includes several short stories, each with a different artist and plot. Riley is smart, beautiful, daring, and kind. I would have gladly spent more time with her.

We've rated it "R" for lots of nudity, violence, and some post-coital snuggling. With several different art styles, you probably won't like every story visually, but the sometimes sad, sometimes humorous, sometimes gory tales are an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

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